Hobbies That Are Worth the Time and Fun!


Playing Music:

Playing music on an “instrument” is a fun hobby because you get to learn some songs that you enjoy listening to. You also learn to develop your time management and discipline. Playing any sort of music requires discipline in which it takes a good chunk of your time and practice to gain that skill. Even finding the time to practice can be a challenge, so if you want to improve, you’ll have to naturally develop good time management. Playing music can also relieve stress. After a long day at work or school, knowing you’re going to plan on playing your instrument can give you something to look forward to. Even listening to music can help relieve stress(specifically classical pieces can lower blood pressure, slow heart rate, and decrease stress hormones in the body.) You may already love music, but when you learn the “theory”, technique, and approach that goes into creating the song, you’ll begin appreciating the music more.


Creative Writing and Journaling:

Creative writing and journaling is the act of writing down specifically fiction or poetry, which displays imagination often contrasted with journalistic or academic writing. Journaling is the act of writing in a journal or diary. For those looking for a productive pastime, this may be the perfect new hobby because it is a relaxing and therapeutic activity that can be used to organize your thoughts and emotions creatively and cathartically(an emotional release). One of the most common forms of journaling is writing a diary. It consists of a narrative style of writing in which the author keeps a log of their everyday life. This has great benefits such as remembering details and emotions of the more minute details of the day. It is good for all ages. Another style is prompt journal, in which it helps you find an idea on what to write about. It’s a question to ask yourself, and then answer it on paper. An example is “What is your favorite childhood memory”? Writing daily prompts can be an amazing way to gain on your own life while improving your writing abilities.                                                 







Painting can stimulate your imagination, inspiring you to explore how you interpret the world. It’s a relaxing activity and you can test your artistic abilities. To avoid a mental blank when you get in front of the canvas for the first time, think ahead of time for ideas on what to paint. Keep a notebook to store ideas, sketches, and to practice different art techniques. Doing this will help you to see what style of painting you would like to explore. When you’re painting, you are likely to make a mess. Stock up on a few rags, sponges, and a uniform that you will plan on wearing every painting sesion. Invest in a few quality soft hard-bristle paint brushes and palette knives of different sizes. Softer brushes are great for smoother brush strokes while harder bristled brushes are good for heavier paints such as oil and acrylic painting. Painting is a fun, relaxing hobby that can put your imagination to good use.

Cooking and Baking:  

Another hobby is cooking and baking, it has multiple benefits:


  • Feed yourself(eating healthier fresh food)
  • Enjoyable
  • A good skill to know that can help get yourself a job
  • A creative hobby that is satisfying!
  • Gain sense of accomplishment
  • Responsibility
  • Basic math(measuring) and science(ex: how bread rises with yeast)

Some basic Materials needed to start your hobby:

  • Cast Iron Skillet
  • Roasting pan
  • Colander
  • Mixing bowls
  • Box grater
  • Saucepans
  • Steamer Rack 
  • Utensils


Skills in cooking:

  • Learning to balance flavors
  • Knife chopping
  • Repetition through practice
  • Learn to stir fry vegetables
  • Be on time!


One fun fact is there are about 941,000 chefs around the world!