Who did it Better: Tobey Spiderman Vs Andrew Spiderman? By: Alexander Weidemann



After watching Spiderman No Way Home, many debates broke out over who is the best Spiderman. We got to see Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield, and Tom Holland all play Spiderman and take on Sandman, Lizard, Electro, Dr.Octopus (at one point), and, finally, the Green Goblin. We watched as all three took hits from Electro and Sandman, and we saw the lizard attack, Tobey and Andrew. We even had Goblin and Doc Oc attacks on Tobey and Tom. We got to see their strengths, agility, experience, spider-sense, and durability. Therefore I decided to conduct a debate of my own over who would win in a battle, Andrew or Tobey?


The first category I chose was strength. In the trilogy of the Tobey Maguire movies, we have seen him pull brick walls down, pull machinery out of walls, pull a group of men with one web shot, grab a metal clock hand mid-air and throw it back upwards at Doc Ock, hold a big metal wall which came from a side of a building and throws it away, holds onto a trolley full of kids while holding Mary Jane, and on the other hand holding on to the web hanging under the bridge, and stop a train going at 80 mph with his pure strength and the use of webs. He has also even hit Sandman to the point where his whole body came off and don’t even get me started with him having the Venom suit. He has also been able to rip off Venom suits multiple times and fight against opponents stronger than him. Andrew Garfield’s strength feats could have been going head to head with lizard; hitting him with blows to knock him out, he has caught a car in midair while fighting Electro, and he caught another car falling off the bridge. As impressive as those feats might be, it is clear that Tobey Maguire wins the strength test.


Then we move to the agility category. Tobey shows impressive strength feats in his movies, and his agility is also quite impressive. We have seen him fight thugs and use his combat and agility skills helped him overcome them; we have seen him dodge Green Goblin’s throwable knives and dodge bags of coins thrown by Doc Ock, we have also seen him fight literally on the side of a train against Doc Ock, and save people falling from buildings while dodging and maneuvering around falling obstacles. Now, this is all way better when watching the actual scene, but his feats are quite impressive nonetheless. Then we have Andrew Garfield who, in my opinion, really mastered the art of agility. His swinging maneuverability was very swift. He dodged attacks from lizards, shots from Electro, and even managed to stop a car while saving two people from touching a pole that was electrified at the same time. As you can see, the agility of both of the spidermen is impressive and very similar. Although they are very close, I will give this to Andrew as his agility feats are more impressive. 


Now we go to experience. We can see that in Spiderman No Way Home, Tobey Maguire was the oldest spiderman out of the three. In addition, he has had three whole movies and we got to see him pass high school as spiderman, go through his first job in college, and finally land a newspaper job. We have seen him grow and develop his skills, and he has fought more villains in different environments. We have seen him fight Green Goblin, Venom, Doc Ock, Sandman, and even Harry Osborn. We have only seen Andrew fight Lizard and Electro and Goblin (different versions). So Tobey Magure wins this category hands down. 


The next category is spider-sense. Both Spidermen have incredible spider senses. We have seen Spiderman catch people from buildings while dodging obstacles, we have seen him dodge attacks from Goblin’s throwables and bombs, dodged Doc Ock throwing a bag of gold, he senses trains coming at him and quickly avoided them, and he even managed at the last millisecond to see a wall he was about to hit while fighting on a train and jump through the cracks of a bridge. He has also dodged Sandman strikes and Venom sneak attacks. Although we have seen more of Tobey using his spider-sense to avoid attacks, Andrew Garfield’s spider-sense is just as good if not better. He has dodged lightning strikes by Electro which reach up to 150,000 feet per second. This is a very tough decision, but this has to go to Andrew Garfield because his electric feats by Andrew just prove that his spider-sense is more on target. 


Finally, the last category is durability. Tobey is extremely durable. That’s all I have to say. I mean Andrew has taken hits and swings from Lizard and then Electro with his beams which can fry a normal human being. This is nothing compared to Tobey; he has taken Pumpkin Bombs to the face which are able to destroy a human body (only leaving bones) and he has taken hits from Goblin; There was a time when Doc Ock couldn’t even crush his skull with his tentacles; he has taken hits from Venom and been beaten severely; he has also been double-teamed by Venom and Sandman and still survived. He even got stabbed by Harry and survived. He has taken hits as no other Spiderman has before. Therefore Tobey takes durability.


As you can clearly see, the overall winner and the best Spiderman thus far is Tobey Maguire!