Why Can’t Feminine Products be Affordable? By Christine Cheng

Why Can’t Feminine Products be Affordable? By Christine Cheng

Melani Paiva , Editor

Many women in the world lack access to feminine care products. Having a lack of products to take care of themselves can negatively impact them hygienically, socially, physically, and emotionally. 


Women go through embarrassment and even mockery from their peers or even strangers over something that is essentially out of their control. Feminine hygiene products are usually not included in the typical American healthcare or welfare system. If a family receives welfare or food stamps, then often that family’s primary concern is basic necessities like food, and femine hygiene products might not be essential to them. Some people can’t afford pads or tampons or anything to use for their period, and they tend to end up using a towel or wrapping their undergarments in tissue.


It is expensive to purchase pads and tampons or anything else to use for feminine hygiene. Even if the government tried to control the prices of feminine products, it would be worthless. However, a solution that may sound the best, like making feminine products for free, is far-fetched. A better solution would have to be allowing the benefit of “Low-income families, who are likely to access ACA health care, to receive free sanitary products…” (https://www.helpingwomenperiod.org/ ). This plan can somehow help avoid any problem arising and/or can help low-income women/girls purchase feminine products. 

by: Christine Cheng