Mean Girls is Still a Favorite! By Leila Kaufman


Victoria Sordi, Editor

        Mean Girls is one of my favorite movies of all time. It is a hilarious classic teen movie from the 2000s that never gets old. Even writing this movie review makes me want to watch it again right now. Famous actors such as Lindsay Lohan, Rachel Mcadams and Tina Fey are the stars of the movie and performed their roles so well that it makes you form a connection with their characters. The storyline is so interesting and filled with drama. The movie makes the audience feel excited for every scene that comes next. How Old the Stars of 'Mean Girls' Were Compared to Their Characters

        The movie is about a girl named Cady Heron, she was originally from Africa. Cady has never been to a real high school prier to moving to Illinois. Upon arriving, she meets two people named Janis and Damian. They both become her best friends and they both hate the popular mean girls. They want nothing more than to see the lives of the popular girls- Regina, Karen, and Gretchen- destroyed. Janis and Damian come up with a plan and tells Cady to become good friends with them and ruin their lives from the inside. They give her a three-step plan on how to do it. Cady does what they suggest and becomes good friends with the popular girls. The girls want to give her a makeover and make her look like one of them. Becoming friends with them means getting into all of the drama and secrets they have in their lives. As she is carrying out the plan, she starts to get too comfortable and the innocent Cady Heron turns into a gossipy, stuck-up snob just like them. Her life starts falling apart as she tries so hard to fit in that she eventually becomes someone she’s not. 

        The plot of the movie all came together nicely. All of the drama that played out between Cady and her family and friends was so entertaining to watch. Showing the reality of how high schoolers act and gossip about each other was definitely the most comedic part of the movie. There is something called the Burn Book in which all the mean girls write cruel things about the people in their school making fun of them and judging them which shows you how mean teenagers can really be. It also expresses the different stereotypes of high school kids. Lindsay Lohan played the main character Cady and being a well-known and talented actress, she was a reason why many people wanted to watch this movie and enjoyed what they saw. Mean Girls has been around since 2004 but it never gets old. That's So Fetch! 'Mean Girls' Is Coming Back to the Big Screen | Vogue

        I would strongly recommend this movie to teenagers because it appeals and relates to the teen audience. Themes of fitting in, high school relationships and friendships, and maturity are all depicted in this movie and teenagers who watch it find themselves relating it to their own lives just as I did.  It is a perfect movie to watch if you’re having a sleepover with your friends or just a night in alone. 

By: Leila Kaufman