Michael Jackson’s Thriller, Only It’s A Horror Game! By Sarah Beggins


Lydia Abruzzo, Editor

‘Escape the Ayuwoki’ is a thrilling Michael Jackson horror game. At first, the game is pretty challenging, but once you’ve played it enough you know exactly what to expect. The horror game is inspired by the Michael Jackson mask seen on the right. The game is connected to your microphone, so it makes it easy to hear when you are approaching the ayuwoki. He has a distinct voice you hear before he attacks, and he will give out a small “he he” screech. You can hide under and behind items in the house to escape him when he starts running toward you. If he catches you, your screen will go dark, and the ayuwoki will let out a scream. This game can benefit from some upgrades such as better graphics and more game play. Also, the game tends to get too difficult and makes people stop playing, so making the game less difficult would definitely make audiences happier. The in-game purchases are free, you only have to watch an ad if you want to continue. Overall, the game is super fun and funny to play with friends, I suggest you try it out.

By Sarah Beggins