Is This Really Us? By Kayden Fastag

Is This Really Us? By Kayden Fastag

Stevie D. Rosenfeld, Editor

    This is Us is a series that first aired in 2016. They recently finished filming and airing the 6th and final season. This show tackles many life problems and situations that are very realistic. They address these serious situations in a very effective way throughout each episode. Most of the subjects can be touchy, but the directors always make sure to add happy moments so it doesn’t feel entirely hopeless. Most of the time each episode ends on a cliffhanger to keep you wanting to watch more.

    This is Us centers around three siblings 3 siblings, 2 twins and an adoptive brother, grieving the loss of someone very special to them. Each episode goes back and forth with flashbacks of their past, present, and future. Dan Fogelman is the creator of this show. I personally love the way that he directed this show and how he was able to touch on many topics in life that connect with the viewers that watch it. The viewer connects with the characters on a deep, personal level.

     Although the series is ending, the final episodes are incredibly enjoyable. I would 100% recommend this show to anyone who is looking for something to binge-watch. This is Us is definitely worth a watch, and a rewatch, and another.


By Kayden Fastag