The Rulers Of The Ocean


Parker Smith, Writer

There are so many kinds of sharks in the world, but we always hear about Tiger Sharks or Great Whites. We also always hear about shark attacks. But what about the good side of sharks? Why doesn’t the media ever cover positive stories about sharks? Sharks are very interesting and diverse creatures. Different species have different personalities and most importantly not every shark is aggressive. 


Sharks are carnivores. Some sharks are carnivores in the way you’d expect, eating fish, other sharks, and generally meat. Others, such as whale sharks eat krill, microscopic sea creatures. The Tiburon Hammerhead Shark eats seaweed instead of meat. They are one of the few sharks that have the ability to digest plant life and it does not stunt their growth at all. In the media, we hear about man-eating sharks, never peaceful seaweed or krill-eating sharks. While some sharks do attack humans, it is often because they mistake them for a seal. None of the sharks are attacking humans out of mal intent. More often than not, sharks would rather not encounter humans at all. 


Most sharks live for twenty to thirty years on average. Some of the larger sharks, such as the Great White or the Tiger Shark can live for seventy-plus years. The larger sharks do not have to worry about predation, and therefore they have the ability to live longer. The smaller sharks have to worry about predation and fishing, and their lifespans are shorter because of that. Larger species of sharks do not have to worry about fishing, as they are more commonly found in the deep ocean, and are feared by humans.

Interesting facts

Sharks do not have bones. They have hard cartilage like we have in our noses, but no actual bones. Sharks’ skin feels similar to sandpaper. This is because it is covered in small teeth-like structures called placoid scales.

Not all sharks have the same teeth! Mako sharks have small, smooth, pointy teeth, while the Great White has wide, triangular, serrated teeth. When scientists analyze shark bites, they can often determine what species of shark it was based on the bite patterns. The Hammerhead Shark has a very oddly shaped head. This oddly shaped head

helps them see 360 degrees. Sharks are more closely related to fish than they are to dolphins. Sharks can heat their eyes and brains. This helps them become acutely aware of their surroundings.  Can you believe ninety-three percent of shark attacks are on men?

Sharks are very complex creatures. They are so much more than born killers like the media portrays them to be. They are extremely interesting and can give insight into life before humans, and ocean dynamics. It is time that we all end the stigma around sharks.