Beauty2thestreetz: Changing The Lives of Homeless People


All About Shirley Raines 

Shirley Raines. Her name has been coming up a lot around social media. She is a famous Tiktoker who went to the streets of Los Angeles with one goal in mind: to change the lives of homeless people. Shirley was born on April 15, 1945, in Jackson Tennessee. She is a self-taught makeup artist and hairstylist. Shirley has a huge heart and she knew she wanted to use her amazing talents for something good in this world, and this is how “Beauty2thestreetz” started. 


What is Beauty2thestreetz?

Shirley created a TikTok account called Beauty2thestreetz to raise awareness of what the people who lived on the streets of Los Angeles go through and to raise money for her nonprofit. She wanted to make the people feel like they are valuable and that they have people who care about them. She provides free food, clothing, haircuts, and makeup services for the homeless. The whole account is about Raines doing what she does best; helping people. She records the interactions she has with the people she is helping. Even though some are not super positive interactions, a lot of them show that homeless people are just like everyone else, and they deserve respect. 


What Has She Accomplished? 

Shirley has not only shown the world that good and caring people still exist, but has forced them to see the lives of the homeless. For over a century, people have been treating homeless people like they are second-class citizens. It isn’t fair that these people are abused simply because they struggle with money. Some homeless people dealt with trauma or mental illness and are no longer able to support themselves. By giving them food and helping them feel good about themselves, Shirley gives a lot of them a new look in life. Shirley has raised a lot of money and has given back every penny to the community. She is a hero.