Charge!… But not Inside


Mary Schroeder, Author


    The popularity and rise in the use of electronic devices that contain lithium batteries has led to a rise in dangerous explosions and fires. Cheap knock offs have flooded the market and they are not compliant with safety regulations and are more prone to combustion. Machines with these lithium batteries, such as hoverboards, e-bikes, and scooters must be charged outside.


    Lithium batteries are extremely sensitive to heat, and will degrade quickly if exposed to high temperatures. Cheap knockoff products are not tested and do not adhere to safety standard regulations. They can overheat, causing explosions and fires. Purchasing certified authentic products and chargers can better ensure the safety of users. 


   It would be the safest option to charge all of these products outside no matter where they were purchased or how authentic they are. Apartment living can necessitate charging indoors, but the manufacturers instructions regarding charge time and position must be followed. Some signs that a lithium battery may be at risk of a fire or explosion are excessive heat, swelling, leakage, noise, odor and smoke. If any of these signs are present, disconnect the product from the power source, and move it to a safe, isolated area using gloves or tongs. If a lithium battery ignites it can cause a very fast moving fire. If this should occur, leave the premises immediately and call 911.


       Electronic devices containing lithium batteries can be found in almost every home. They can be safe to use and charge if they are purchased from a reputable manufacturer that has followed safety standards and regulations, The manufacturer’s charging instructions should be followed. All of our devices need to be charged, but remember, it is always better to charge them outside.