March Music Review: Dove Cameron’s ‘Boyfriend’

March Music Review: Dove Camerons Boyfriend

Parker Smith, Author

    Dove Cameron’s song ‘Boyfriend’ aired on February 11th, 2022. The song is about the singer not liking the recipient’s boyfriend, and in fact, being in love with her. The lyrics simultaneously profess the singer’s love for the recipient and bash her boyfriend. The singer also proclaims why she would be better than the boyfriend is. ‘Boyfriend’ also is believed to be the first song of a future album. The track was produced by Evan Blair along with Skyler Stonestreet and Dove Cameron. 

     Dove Cameron is twenty-six years old and had a career with Disney for a long time. She played Maddie in Liv and Maddie. She played Mal in descendants alongside co-stars Cameron Boyce, Sofia Carson, and Nils Stewart. These shows and movies are some of her first experiences producing songs. She then released the album Bloodshot/Waste, which only had two tracks, and was her first music away from Disney. Then last February ‘Boyfriend’ was released.

     Dove Cameron stated that while writing Boyfriend, she felt very happy and felt like she found herself. She no longer wants to act for Disney after the passing of co-star and close friend, Cameron Boyce. She said she wants to take time away from acting and focus on her music career, and thanks to all of the positive feedback around Boyfriend, she feels validated in that decision. Thanks to her devoted fans, Dove Cameron’s ‘Boyfriend’ is topping the charts and everyone loves this new hit.