Being Successful

Being Successful

      Success in life means to put in hard work and dedication to whatever you want to achieve in the future: whether it is in a career, school, or a relationship. In order to be successful in life you have to have passion and think positive.  Always focus on yourself first and ignore what others think of you because sometimes that may lead you off your path. Have limits and goals for everything; plan things out. Fix things that you did wrong and learn from them because if you do you will get it at the end. Know how to say no to people and don’t be scared to do new things and take risks because if you do you may receive things that will make you better. Stop looking for validation sometimes the best thing is to ask yourself and not others around you.

    Success may mean something different to each person. In modern days many people look at being successful because of how they were raised or even based on the media. Many people look at artists, influencers, and business people. But you do not have to be like them; success is an individual experience. The goal of achieving success will help you live a more purposeful life by pushing you to overcome obstacles, work a bit harder and pursue happiness.

  Many individuals who are successful today were not born that way; they worked hard for it and learned along the way. Look at people that inspire you and acknowledge what makes them successful. You need to believe in yourself, if you don’t it will be hard to get what you want. Being positive also plays a big role because positivity is the fuel for life. Having a caring family and friends is always good so they can help you reach your goals; lean into that support system. 

 There are many reasons why many people fail to become successful. You always need to put in time and effort to get where you want to be in life. Being inspired by others is something good to do, whether your inspiration is from a book or an influencer or even someone know. Sometimes you need there opinions and what they think being successful  is. I asked a few people what it takes to be successful: some people said it’s putting time in, others said it’s having faith in the process, and some said it’s asking for help when needed.

      Sometimes you feel like you can’t make it but at the end of the day, you can’t quit because there will be a big reward . Believe in yourself, have confidence and reward yourself along the way, especially when you see a difference. When I wanted to be successful at something I looked at people who inspired me. Someone who inspired me was Ellen Degeneres. She always loved giving back to people and also had a positive mindset. Another thing that inspires me is music and just being around things to give me new ideas. Every human who wants to become successful needs to remember that it may be hard but it really teaches us a lesson. Just know success is not just being rich or being powerful, it’s feeling happy and also being satisfied with where you got.

     At the end of the day know that you will reach your goals don’t give up because of something small it will eventually work out if you want it to. Know that it’s going to help you in the long term and you will be happy with how far you reach. Successful is something that not only is in the present time but is also your future and what you do now will determine that final outcome.

      Success is something that you should be proud of and anyone can reach that point in life no matter how old you are. Nowadays many people give up easy but follow your dream, set your goals, and don’t let the little things get you down.