HVK Kicks All the Way to Disney!


The Hauppauge girls Varsity Kickline team has made it so far since their first practice. Today, March 3, 2022, the girls will be flying to Disney to compete in Kickline Nationals. This is a big accomplishment and they have put in so much hard work and effort to get to this point. They will be performing three different dances at the competition. Their three dances are called Golden, Bad, and Love in the dark. They will be performing these on Sunday, March 6th. The Hauppauge Kickline team usually goes to Disney every year, but the past few years they have made some decisions to not go due to the pandemic, so going again is very exciting. 

This is not the only competition that the HVK is and has participated in, they have also participated in another competition in which they placed for two of their dances, they placed 3rd for their dance Bad, and 3rd again for their other dance Golden. Their performance doesn’t stop there, they performed at many football games, basketball games, homecoming, kicks for cancer, and others. 

The dancers on the team practice every Tuesday and Thursday, and according to when their competitions are or rescheduling, they may have extra practice days. They work hard in order to make halftimes more fun and to make other events more fun. The HVK has been waiting for Disney for so long and now it finally came because of all their hard work and effort throughout the season.

The dancers have performed many times and here are a few of their favorites. Kaitlyn Weinstein a current dancer on the HVK team said: “My favorite, was when we would perform at the football games, and even more, Homecoming”. Kaitlyn is a freshman on the HVK. Marissa Rodriguez is also a current 9th grader on the HVK team and here’s what she has to say, “My favorite event was when we performed and placed at our first competition”. She liked the whole feel of the competition and all the excitement when they were doing the awards ceremony. Lastly, Valery, a current 10th grader on HVK said her favorite event was Kicks for Cancer. Valery liked the big crowd and all the people watching them, which is why it was her favorite. HVK has made it a long way and has accomplished so much, and this season has brought them so far.