That thing everyone grew up playing with – Play-Doh

That thing everyone grew up playing with - Play-Doh

Hailey Wilcox, Writer

All About

Play-Doh, Did you grow up with it? Gen X, Millennials, and Gen Z all grew up playing with it as a kid. And even to this day, Play-Doh is still growing and the company is also still coming out with new design products and ideas. Play-doh is a modeling compound for young children to make arts and crafts projects at home. It was originally first designed as a wallpaper cleaner in the 1930s. 

Key product features 

Play-Doh is extremely helpful to children because it helps with developing early on skills like language, literacy, and science skills. It also benefits parents because it helps calm kids down and helps with relieving stress and anxiety. Play-Doh is also efficient in motivating children to explore sensory skills and qualities. 

Pros and Cons 

Some pros of Play-Doh, it is very inexpensive, generally non-toxic, and very entertaining. Some cons of the product are that it may be difficult to clean up at times, it also can expire and if kept out for too long it will dry out and develop mold. 

Popularity and time period 

Play-Doh was most popular when sales soared in 1958, it was so popular during the 50s because of features on several commercials and ads. Play-Doh also had major success rates because kids began to use it to create things like ornaments and other objects. Parents loved the idea of this because it helped children develop skills and caused them to use all senses to develop ideas.