Antibiotics Wrongfully Used

Antibiotics Wrongfully Used

Alisa Mendez, Writer

         In the world today there are over millions of deaths because of antibiotics even more so because of covid and the misuse or overuse of this medical drug.

       Recently antibiotics have been looked at as a threat because of the major amount of people these biotics are killing. In 2019 studies show that there were over 1.3 million deaths related to antibiotics this is because of the major misuse of these biotics these pills build up residence to infections and some diseases but if it’s misused your body won’t be able to fight off certain infractions that your body is prone to, not only that the overuse of this drug is causing many of troubles. 

       The reason it’s always so bad to always use antibiotics for every symptom of infection is that when your body becomes more resident to this drug and one somehow still gets this infection it won’t just go away taking an antibiotic because your body becomes more resident so medical bills are going up because people are in need of a stronger drug since antibiotics will no longer be helpful so not only is the death toll rising so are medical bills. On a yearly basis over 35,00 people are dying because they don’t have the money to get the medical drugs that they need CNBC says “A growing number of illnesses, including pneumonia, tuberculosis, and gonorrhea, are becoming more difficult to treat as antibiotics are becoming a less effective tool against the bacteria that cause them”. 

       As a result of this it is good to make sure people are well aware of what drugs they should be using, when covid was at its first rise people were taking antibiotics not knowing that they will not fight against infections and could cause more problems than just covid also it was advised not to take the antibiotics while you have covid by many of commercial and radio stations. 

         With all being said antibiotics are for the use of only bacterial infections and shouldn’t be used for anything other in which could result in death, or the need of a higher more expensive drug antibiotics are very useful when it comes to “bacterial pneumonia, urinary tract infections, streptococcal pharyngitis, and some middle ear infections” in some cases antibiotics can help in life or death situations so never overuse them or misuse them cause someday you might need them and it doesn’t work.