Do mermaids exist, and do Megalodons still roam the ocean?

Do mermaids exist, and do Megalodons still roam the ocean?

Hailey Wilcox, Writer

What do we really know about the ocean?

The Undiscovered Ocean 

As we know the ocean is billions of years old, but did you know only 5 percent of it has been discovered. The ocean takes up about 70 percent of the earth’s surface and scientists are yet to go down there. Although we don’t know why this is the case we can assume it is because of the uncertainty and the danger it provokes. Originally NASA had a goal to explore the ocean but very soon changed their exploration to space because the ocean was too difficult to explore. 

Spotting of Mermaids

Many people have claimed to see mermaids and some underwater cameras have caught creatures that look identical to mermaids. Mermaids are not what you think, they are portrayed as sparkly fairies underwater with magical powers which is definitely not the case, they are creepy and ugly creatures roaming deep in the ocean sea. Many videos and photos show us exactly what these creatures really look like. For example, videos show underwater footage of a creature that looks identical to what mermaids have been described for years. A group of men fishing catches an unidentified creature which is assumed to be a mermaid, you see the hand reach out, and then it falls back in the water and is never seen again. Many other videos have been posted where people record these strange creatures but nobody has real evidence of someone really coming face to face with one.

Is Megalodon still alive?

Many resources say no, many say yes, what’s the truth? As of right now in time we don’t know of any alive but we also have never reached deep waters like the bottom of the Mariana Trench. The Mariana Trench is believed to be an area where they could survive and live. Megalodons went extinct about 2.6 billion years ago but teeth only dating back 10,000 years have been found, and to add to that they were found in areas where the megalodon could have survived with food and warmer waters. Is this a coincidence? A photo from 2017 shows a massive shark spotted from up above on google earth, researchers say it looks to be around 70 feet in length. The megalodon is said to be at least 60 feet. Reporters on a beach in Australia spotted a 22-foot long shark and after further investigation shark experts identified it as a baby megalodon. The concluding piece of evidence that may just prove these creatures are still here today is because of extinct creatures. The giant squid and coelacanth who lived around the same time as the megalodon went extinct millions of years ago and then was rediscovered is proof as to why the megalodon could have easily gone extinct but still be here today.