Why is Junior Varsity football so important?


Hauppauge High school has many different sports including the JV(junior varsity) football team, football is very competitive and important to not only the students who play but also the staff and parents students wait all year round for football season to start. In some players’ free time like the summer outside of school they participate in activities to get them ready for the season, most go to the gym or invite friends over for a game of football, some even spend most of their time in the gym to stay fit for the upcoming season for some football is their life. 


With that being said, what really motivates these people to play? Why is it so important? Do they actually enjoy playing? What game are they so proud of and why? What made them want to play, describe the perfect team and what would you say to people who wanted to get into football? Junior varsity football player Gershon Diaz has the answers to these questions, “I like to be on the field with my other teammates.” Gershon has gotten countless injuries throughout his football era“I broke my wrist, I got a concussion I had short term memory loss. I got my bell rung meaning it’s like when you get a flash of light when someone hit my head it rang.”

           The next junior varsity player is Alex Posillico. I’ve asked him similar questions about his passion for football and this is what he had to say “I’ve played football my whole life and it’s my favorite thing to do”. Is there anyone who inspires you to play on your team? “Nobody really inspires me on the team but a good team follows a hard-working and risk-taking team.” How long has Alex been playing and why? “When I was like 7 my parents asked me to play and I said yes.” But some risks of football would be “I don’t do as good in school. But a good thing is that I’ve never gotten hurt one my my favorite football players is Michael Strahan, my old and my jersey number is 55 with no significant meaning to it overall. I really do enjoy football and it’s my main sport. I wish that more people would try and give football a chance.”

With all that being said, I think that at least once in a person’s life they should join a sports team, preferably football. there will always be amazing team members you come around. Sports teams are a bit of encouragement and a push to learn new things such as discipline and hardship. You don’t win every game but you are always a winner inside.