Who Is The Best Spiderman

Who Is The Best Spiderman

We all know Spiderman. Whether you know him from the comic books or the movies, we all think of the same thing when we hear spiderman. But Spidey has changed a lot over the years. He has been played by three phenomenal actors, in a plethora of movies. The first being Tobey Maguire in Spiderman One, Two, and Three. The second was Andrew Garfield, who starred in The Amazing Spiderman One and Two but never got his third movie. Most recently is Tom Holland, who has three movies of his own, and is in many of the Avengers movies. So out of these three, who is the best Spiderman? 

Student Opinions

Mr. Gronneman, an English teacher at our school said that Tobey Maguire is his favorite Spiderman. He said that Tobey plays the perfect Peter Parker, a perfect amount of nerdy and awkward. He also loves that his Peter is so devoted to being Spiderman and that his spidey is closest to the comics. Mr.Gronneman likes Andrew Garfield as Spiderman, because of his acrobatic skills, but thinks his Peter is just a bit too cool. 

I personally think that Andrew Garfield is the best Spiderman. His Peter is charismatic and goofy, but still nerdy and awkward. Garfield also added funny quirks to his Peter, which made the character a lot of fun. He is extremely athletic, so his spiderman was extremely fun to watch. I think he is a good age for Peter and conveyed emotion extremely well.

Joanna said that her favorite Spiderman is Andrew Garfield. She said, “His movies may not be my favorite, but his performance is amazing(pun intended) and he does very well.” She also said that she doesn’t dislike Tom or Tobey. 

Ike said that his favorite Spiderman is Miles Morales. I didn’t address Miles earlier because he is animated but he is still a spiderman. Ike said that Miles is his favorite because his movies are really good and his suit is one of the coolest.

Christian said that Tobey Maguire is his favorite because he just feels right as Spiderman and Peter Parker. He also said that all of the memes from his movies are really good.

Luka said Andrew Garfield is his favorite spiderman because his acting is very interesting and engaging. 

Tara said that Tom Holland is her favorite because his acting is interesting and he plays both a regular teenage Peter Parker and a friendly neighborhood spiderman exceptionally well. She also said that she finds him very attractive. 

Tom Holland

Tom’s Spiderman is notably the youngest, and farthest from the original comic book age for Peter Parker. Tom’s Spiderman appeared for the very first time, not in a movie of his own, but in Captain America; Civil War.  In this movie, he is shown very close with Tony Stark. Tom’s Peter Parker made his first suit in Spiderman: Homecoming, but didn’t make his other suits after that. All of his suits are designed by Tony. This is a big discrepancy with the other Spiderman movies, where all of their suits are homemade. Tom’s Peter is also very technologically strong, something that we didn’t get with the other Peters. Something odd about Tom’s Spiderman is that he didn’t quite follow some of the major plot points the others did. Most notably, Peter didn’t have an Uncle Ben like the other two. Uncle Ben played a large part in Spidermans origin story before so it is interesting that Tom’s doesn’t have this. It is also notable that Aunt May is much younger in Tom’s movies than in the others. This is likely because of the age difference in Tom’s Peter as compared to the others. Overall Tom Holland is a fantastic actor, a brilliant Peter Parker, and Spiderman. 

Andrew Garfield

Andrew Garfield is the only Spiderman to not get the full trilogy of movies. This is likely because many people didn’t like his movies. This is mostly thanks to Sony, who at the time still had the rights to spiderman. The way Sony wrote movies was convoluted and confusing, making the movies less enjoyable for many people. Despite this mistake by Sony, many people still love Andrew’s movies, me being one of them. Although the plot was a little all over the place, Andrew’s acting was still on point. His storyline was completely different than previous movies with Tobey Maguire, and most notably his love interest was not MJ. His love interest was called Gwen Stacy. His Spiderman is older than Tom’s, yet still different than the comic books. Although Andrew’s time as Spiderman was cut short, many people still treasure The Amazing Spiderman movies and think Andrew deserves redemption with a third movie, especially after his performance in Tom Hollands’ most recent movie, Spiderman: No Way Home. Garfield stole the hearts of Marvel fans with his goofy, yet calm demeanor. As of late there has been rumors of a third Amazing Spiderman movie, thanks to all of the push for one after No Way Home. 

Tobey Maguire 

Tobey’s Spiderman is by far the closest to the original comics. He is a college student for most of his movies, and has all the right characters around him. He also is the only Spiderman who does not use web-shooters. This smart, but not super tech-savvy Peter Parker is definitely appealing to many people. Many adults treasure Tobey Maguires Spidey because he was the very first one, and the one they all grew up with, giving him a very sentimental feel. Although Tobey’s Spiderman is beloved by many, there is still some flaws in his movies. Because there was no previous movies, Sony had to figure everything out for the very first time, with nothing to really go off of. Some of Tobey’s movies can feel a little trial and error, but I think that is what makes them so charming. The first Spiderman came out in 2002, so some of the graphics are lower quality. This can make the movies a little difficult for younger generations to watch. Despite all these quirks, Tobey’s spiderman followed the right storyline, was engaging, and was really just a great trilogy. 

It seems everyone has a different opinion of who their favorite is, but all of the actors get the love they deserve. Wheter you love Tobey’s awkwardness or Tom’s relationship with Tony Stark, we all love Spiderman, no matter who it is behind the mask.