Eternals, Boring or Excellent?


The Plot

This Marvel movie is about ten immortal aliens who have all secretly lived on Earth since the existence of human life. They each have their own unique superhuman powers to be used with the purpose of protecting humans from deviants, another alien race that feeds on intelligent life in order to survive. The Eternals were sure that they had defeated every deviant and were waiting for the signal to go back home to Olympia, but after a couple of thousand years, it turns out they were wrong.

Writing and Script

Many people believed that the events of the movie went by very slowly, and were very boring. Other people argue that a lot of the ‘boring’ moments of the movie were important and discreet foreshadowing for a big reveal that happens towards the end of the movie. The visuals in the movie were quite beautiful, featuring depictions of many ancient civilizations such as Babylon, Mesopotamia, and Indus, showing how diverse each civilization was at the beginning of human life, like agriculture, architecture, religion, food, and more,


Each eternal had its own personality that was perfectly displayed by its actors. They were able to capture the friendships and arguments between each character almost flawlessly. There were also many comedic moments that had the theater laughing, which helped lighten the mood of the movie as it continued to surprise the viewers. 

Personal opinion

When watching the movie I was amazed at how perfectly each visual was made. It made me realize just how talented those who worked on the movie are, and how much better movie visuals get with every year that passes. I also loved how each character had their own feelings heard, and no eternal was outshone by another. Another thing I loved was the secrecy of some of the characters, and how everything was revealed at the end in this big moment of realization that had many viewers shedding a few tears. Overall, I think this movie was very good, and many of the characters are loved by fans, so I definitely recommend giving it a watch.