Goodnights Rest

Goodnights Rest

Alisa Mendez, Writer

In life, there will always be those bad habits that people pick up and can’t seem to stop. Sometimes these bad habits are learned from those around you and in which they behave, bad habits tend to limit individuals, for example, sleep is a very important act and when you don’t sleep it can be very bad on your part, so this is how to get more hours of sleep.

Not getting enough hours of sleep could be very crucial to one’s health and some good ways to make sure you get enough hours of sleep starts by wanting to. Now i know it sounds silly to say but people need the right motivation to really get going after that it’s really all up to you to follow through with some of these strategies and tips on how to get enough or at least a few more hours of sleep than your use to, once you have our mind set in the right place it’s easy to plan out your day say you have school or work you should probably do any homework given to you thirty minutes after you get home that way you can have a little time to yourself and that is till early so you can get it done and not have to worry about it later than once works done and your a person that likes to go out with their friends plan a reasonable time on to which your coming back that way you’re not out super late and you can sleep early and by this i mean don’t stay out past 8 cause if person wants the ideal amount of eight hours of sleep than you should probably come home around said time and shower early so your night routine is to be finish around late nine o’clock.

Some things that really hold people back from going to sleep is their phone for a lot of people the main problem with trying to go to sleep early has to do with your phone this is because when someones look at a phone before bed it can be really hard to stop, one always wants to see what’s going or what’s to happen next and it’s proven that when looking at your phone before it makes you not want to go to sleep because of the blue lights, it’s not good for you so you should put your phone away an hour before sleep a tune out distractions. Not only that you can really clear your mind in a sense before you sleep because you don’t really want your mind wandering off cause you won’t be able to sleep it’s just part of those bad habits, so meditating cause help relaxes the mind.

     So with bad habits it tends to constantly mess someone up in any way and what people need to know is how to avoid them and learn to help themselves when it could be less avoidable like when someone is getting very few hours of sleep it is a bad habit.