Gilmore Girls, Glorious or Grim?


Sofia Dessart, Writer

      Gilmore Girls, is a TV show that was released on October 5th, 2000. The show takes place in Connecticut town, Stars Hollow. The show is about Lorelai Gilmore and her daughter, Rory. Throughout the show, their story and background unfold more and more and the characters grow relationships and friendships. There is a mix of drama and comedy in this series which makes it enticing to watch. The show is about the life ofGilmore Girls - The CW Series - Where To Watch Lorelai and Rory as they go through good and bad times. Rory goes through her years of high school and even college, while she has good and hard times with finding the one guy for her. Her mom runs an inn with her best friend Sookie, who is the chef. Lorelai also has her own love problems. Lorelai’s parents, Emily and Richard Gilmore have an interesting relationship with her, regarding their different lifestyles. They always have something to say about her, but they just adore Rory. 

     Gilmore Girls has lots of action and drama involved in the show. But the scripts are just the thing that make Gilmore Girls the show what it is. Gilmore Girls has lots of drama and comedy, and most of this comes from the script and scenery. I think that the script fits the actors perfectly and really adds a much higher level of excitement and thrill to the tv show. There is never a dull moment in this series, and there is always something to keep your eyes on the screen. Most of this comes from what the actors are saying and how they say it. This show has a script that will make you want to watch this show over and over again. The different roles andThe+WB characters have certain aspects to their scripts that really make that character alive. When I say “alive,” I mean it really makes the character seem real and not just another actor on a TV show. For instance, Lorelai: she has a sweet, funny, sarcastic, and overall high energy personality. Her lines make the audience laugh, and enjoy watching the show. Rory has a more settled personality; she is smart, kind, a bit shy, and her lines make her stand out and add a level of drama to the show. The script makes the whole show seem realistic and exciting. 

     When it comes to a tv show or a movie, acting is one of the most important parts. This is because it makes the storyline seem like it is actually happening, like it is truly real. Acting also makes the show more interesting depending on how well the actors are. In Gilmore Girls the acting is incredible. The actors play their roles so well it’s like you’re actually in the moment with them. The scenes feel real when you watch Gilmore Girls. All the actors have their specific roles, and it is important that they really get into character to make it as realistic as possible. In Gilmore Girls, the acting is without a doubt on point. They make sure to really sell it to the audience, their emotions are not unrealistic nor too dramatic, and they really make sure to get in all the little ticks and personality traits of their characters. If I had to rate their acting; I would give them a 10 out of 10. This is because they really make it like the moment really does exist, and make the audience want to keep watching. 

    Gilmore Girls - WikipediaI personally think Gilmore Girls is worth 5 stars. This is not only because I like the genre of the show, but because of the storyline and acting. This show shows emotion, empathy, drama, comedy, and many other things that make this show really interesting. The thing about Gilmore Girls is that it never stops. There is always something happening; whether someone is getting engaged, or someone graduated high school, or the town is having a catastrophe. There is never a time where the show is boring or dull. Gilmore Girls is always in action and will always make you laugh or smile. Another thing I really like about Gilmore Girls is the length of the show. There are 7 seasons with many episodes of about 45 minutes in length. This means there is more action and thrill to come. The show also came out with a limited series years later called, “A Year In The Life”. This limited series consisted of four episodes of 90 minutes each. Overall Gilmore Girls is an amazing show with so much drama and action that anyone who likes comedy and drama would definitely enjoy.