Hawkeye: A Marvel Hit or Miss?

Hawkeye: A Marvel Hit or Miss?

Parker Smith, Writer

     Hawkeye is a new show on Disney Plus, starring Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye and Hailee Steinfeld as Kate Bishop. This show takes place after Avengers: Endgame, and follows the eventful life of Hawkeye and his new ‘friend’ Kate. Hawkeye comes out once a week on Wednesdays. 


     A young girl living in New York City, by the name of Kate Bishop was a witness to a battle between the Avengers and some intergalactic space monsters. This battle killed her father and destroyed her penthouse home. When Kate was watching her city get destroyed, she sees Clint Barton, falling from the sky, shooting the monsters with his bow. This sparked her love for archery and combat training. Clint Barton is in New York City with his three kids, celebrating the holidays and seeing Broadway shows. This is where it is revealed that he is in fact deaf. Kate is home from college for the holidays and winds up going to a charity party with her mother and stepfather. She snooped around and found her new stepfather dealing in a shady auction. On top of all of this, a group of masked men break-in, trying to steal something. Excited for her hero moment, Kate adorns a suit that was being sold and takes out the guys. Unfortunately for her, the suit has some prior connections and by wearing it, she put herself in serious danger. Hawkeye, seeing the suit on the news, ran to find it. The suit had previously belonged to him, and when he had been attacking organized crime. Now Clint has to help Kate disentangle herself from the suit, and reclaim it as his own, all in time for Christmas with his family.  


     The script thus far is very well written and provides a good insight into the character’s personalities and ideals. The plot is very entertaining and has many small plot twists and tiny details. None of the bigger details are too obvious, and the timeline is very clear in relation to the other Marvel movies. The sets and props are extremely well put together. The actors, Jeremey Renner and Hailee Steinfeld are perfect for their roles as Kate and Clint. Many of the lines are really funny or show Clint’s disdain for the predicament he’s found himself in now. Kate’s lines effectively show how much she idolizes Clint and wants so badly to be his friend. 


     I feel like the acting in the Hawkeye show is very good and certainly believable. All of the actors are phenomenal at conveying emotions or traits indirectly, which makes the show so very entertaining to watch. I think if anyone else had been cast as Clint Barton, the show would not have been the same. Jeremey Renner does a great job portraying Clint’s tired, over-it attitude. Hailee Steinfeld is a newer actress and I think she’s doing a great job as Kate Bishop and is a great addition to the Marvel Universe. 

My Opinion 

     I think this is a fantastic show. The actors are phenomenal at what they do, the writing is extremely well done and the sets and props leave nothing to be desired. The plot is engaging and full of startling, yet fun, twists and turns. I do think that there are some plot holes regarding Hawkeye’s character, but that does not pertain directly to the show, more so the entire Marvel universe. Personally, I think that some aspects of the show are trying to cover up past mistakes made in other films. This show is laying it on thick with Clint’s deafness, to make up for not addressing it in previous Marvel movies even though he is canonically deaf in the comics. Aside from that, I find the show very entertaining and I look forward to every Wednesday when it gets released. 

      Thus far Marvel is doing a great job with this show and it is absolutely worth watching. They have done a phenomenal job tying this show into the rest of the Marvel Universe and making everything cohesive. The acting is on point and there is never a dull moment in any of the episodes. Each scene is funny or intense and the attention to detail is remarkable.