Authority Figures Don’t Have to be Scary

Huge legs with small businesswoman standing in front concept on background

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Huge legs with small businesswoman standing in front concept on background

Mary Schroeder, Writer

If you have developed a fear of authority figures, then that can be very bad. Cause, authority figures are everywhere, it’s hard to escape them. So here are some tips to help you out when you are near an authority figure that’s freaking you out. 

A fear in authority figures is rooted in the fear of being judged and a lack of confidence. Children are taught to respect authority figures no matter what. These two attributes can lead to nasty feelings of inadequacy and anxiety. 

A helpful tip for dealing with this fear is to focus on the person, not the authority. Look them in the eye, and remember that they are human and have definitely done embarrassing things. Try to imagine them doing said things like picking their nose, tripping over their own foot, spilling a drink, etc. You should look them in the eye because when you are looking at their shoulder or the floor, you are focused on their voice, their tone, and the power that they’re trying to assert over you. By looking them in the eye you are directly facing them and you may begin to feel more confident and be able to use your own voice. 

Just like eye contact, body language plays a big role in these scenarios. Don’t take steps back, don’t fidget too much, don’t cross your arms, and fold in on yourself. When these authority figures are aware of the power they have over you, they will feed off of your anxiety, so it is important to assume a relaxed position. By appearing relaxed and unfazed by their attempts at the assertion, their power will begin to dwindle and instead of a scary lecture, it could become a regular conversation between two humans. 

Everyone has the ability to overcome a fear of authority figures because making eye contact and pretending to be relaxed or unfazed, are conditioning your brain to not be scared. Sooner or later you won’t have to act, it will come naturally to you. Remember, this might not happen right away. For a lot of people overcoming fear can take a long time and a lot of convincing and conditioning, so it might not be easy, but you can definitely do it.