Alisa Mendez, Writer

  Snapchat is one of those apps you come across and question its safety and what really is the reason for it all. Generally, Snapchat is the way to communicate amongst one another. It’s one of the hip cool apps that teens use nowadays to share photos with each other to twiddle their fingers and text and really just share their mind all on this yellow ghosted app. 

    Snapchat was created in 2011 peoples first initial thought was wow how exciting a new texting app which was released one year prior to Snapchat had come out. People did not know that Snapchat wasn’t just for texting it had multi-use like you could take pictures and videos post on your story which was called your feed and the biggest plus is that Snapchat is known for disappearing content which is questioning for parents now being that it can be an easier way to cyberbully and get rid of the messages, that being said with reading some online reviews adults have mixed feelings on the whole thing, most parents think that as long as your child is responsible than they should be able to have the app a review written by the user hrkhamilton had to say “SC (Snapchat)can be really fun and innocent and I wish it were just that. With frequent monitoring, continual (not just a one-and-done hit when they first get an account) open discussion with your kids. It’s hard to pinpoint an age that it’s appropriate for. I feel like teenagers ages 13-16 are in a stage in their life where they crave approval, acceptance, and hence, are easily influenced by the world. They fall prey to the dark side of what could otherwise be good, too easily.” This parents point is that as though Snapchat can be all fun and games it can cause young adults to feel bad about themselves while using Snapchat but overall a good app with a review of 2/5 stars. 

I myself am a user of this little yellow app. My experience while being on this app for over five years has been pretty wild. To start off Snapchat can be a very dangerous app with predators that children need to be aware of before installing this app because it can get unpleasant from the stuff people send to all the nasty comments people can make about you and they just disappear in chat as though it never happened which can be scarring at a young age. Not only that it can be very unsafe with sharing your location publicly which Snapchat asks the users in the first install if they would allow sharing their location. But not all parts of Snapchat are bad for the most part it’s fun because you can have a quick way to communicate with your friends play around with funny filters and have a platform to share with the public. You can meet really cool people that you connect with and over I think Snapchat is a great app giving it 4/5, I say this because there’s always the possibility of anything dangerous happening. 

          With all being said, Snapchat has its ups and downs and really just depends on the person using it, it’s a great way to just get out there and show your true self to the world, so consider downloading Snapchat if you don’t already have it. Everything stays between you and the little yellow app.