Chess Club

Chess Club
  • Name of club: Chess Club
  • Advisor’s name: Mr. David Reiff
  • Club Description: The purpose and goal of the Chess Club are for students to come together in a social setting to learn and play the game of chess. All students are welcome to attend – from the experienced player to the novice wishing to learn.  In sharpening their chess skills, students are developing important intellectual skills including independent thinking, strategy, logic, problem solving, and flexibility. The Chess Team is a subset of Chess Club members who wish to play chess more competitively. Players of all skill levels are invited to participate. The Chess Team competes against other Suffolk County high schools, with a major tournament at the conclusion of the season.
  • Meeting days/times: Fridays @ 2:15 PM
  • Room number/Google classroom code: Quiet Cafeteria / xqsnisx