National Honor Society

National Honor Society
  • Name of club: National Honor Society
  • Advisor’s names: Ms. Lynch & Mr. Shehigian
  • Club Description:The National Honor Society (NHS) is an organization that recognizes and encourages academic achievement while developing characteristics essential to all citizens. As written in its constitution, the purpose of this organization is to “create enthusiasm for scholarship, stimulate a desire to render service, to promote leadership, and to develop character in the students of secondary schools.”
    • Becoming a member of NHS is both an honor and a commitment since it is based on outstanding scholarship and service. Service is defined to be “any unpaid activity that provides service for another” in school and in the community. To become a candidate for admission into NHS, a student must have maintained a 93 weighted grade point average for two years prior to the selection process.  The selection process is conducted once annually in October.
    • As per the NHS constitution, freshmen are not eligible for admission.  Those students who meet the academic criteria for admission receive an application to complete and return to the selections committee who, then review the application and determines if the students meet the criteria for admission. A formal induction ceremony is scheduled in the early spring.  NHS members are required to maintain an 87 average (unweighted, unrounded) throughout their studies.  They must attend 50% of all the meetings and events to remain a member of the Hauppauge chapter.
    • NHS is an active participant in Homecoming and Safe Halloween, among other school and community events, and has instituted a free tutorial service for all subjects, open to all students every day in the library
  • Meeting days/times:  First and Third Fridays
  • Room number/Google classroom code: Rear Auditorium / mhyn4ej