How to better your mental health?


Lydia Abruzzo, Writer

For a long time, society has stayed away from talking about mental health or even acknowledging it. This created the idea that mental health was something to be embarrassed by and frown upon. Mental health though is important for everyone. No matter who you are, everyone goes through times where their mental health isn’t good, while other times their mental health is going good. This is why it is important to know what to do to keep your mental health good or to get your mental health to be a better state. Everyone needs to work together to teach everyone that learning how to help their mental health is important. 

Reaching Out For Help 

One way to work on bettering your mental health is by reaching out to someone to talk about whatever is on your mind. You could reach out to a friend, parent, family member, or anyone you trust. Talking to someone about what is going on or what is going on in your life can help you feel freer. Not only that but opening up to people you are closest with can help them understand what you are going through so they can understand you better. Sometimes talking to these people can be scary and be hard to open up to them because of trust issues or you just don’t want them to know everything you want to talk about. Therapy is also a very good way to share and talk about your feelings. Therapists’ jobs are to listen and talk to you about whatever is going on in your life or your mind. In all, no matter who you feel most comfortable talking too it is important to realize that talking about your feeling can help your mental health so much since for many talking about what you are going through can free very freeing. Also, this is a reminder you can go to therapy even if you feel like you are in a good mental space, it’s always good to have someone to talk to even about the good things in life. 

Staying Active

Talking to someone isn’t the only way to better your mental health. There have been a lot of studies on how exercising and staying active helps people’s mental health. Exercise is a natural treatment for anxiety and can help you clear your mind. Doing an exercise like going on a walk/run or doing yoga can help clear your mind and boost your mental energy. Everyone is different though so you have to find different exercises that help you. Exercising can help provide a stable routine too. This can improve your mental health since a stable routine has been proven to be good for good mental health. Remember, every type of exercise might not be for you, but if you keep trying a lot of different ones then you will find the one for you. 

Relaxation is Key 

Life is very busy and it’s hard to take the time to just relax and take time for yourself. When life gets busy and stressful it can take a lot out of your mental health. It can cause you to forget about yourself and the importance to take care of yourself. That is why it is important to plan or find time in your schedule to do a facemask, take a nap, do a meditation, take a bath, or whatever is your favorite thing to do to relax. The most important part is to try to clear your mind of the stress that is going on in your mind and focus on the moment. Focus on relaxing. It does take time for a lot of people to learn how to relax, but if you do it enough you will feel the relaxation take over. 


All in all, mental health is important and needs to be focused on. Society needs to take steps forward to work on bettering the ideas of mental health. Until that time comes, it is important to do these suggestions in this article and all the other suggestions online to better or keep your mental health good. It is important to remember that it’s okay to ask for help or if your mental health isn’t good all the time. It is okay to not be okay.