Tik Tok Review

Tik Tok Review

Hailey Wilcox, Writer

Do you have Tik Tok? If so, did you know that you and 4.8 billion other users around the world are also a part of this video focused social network? Tik Tok has become the most successful app in 2020 due to it’s addicting features. These features can purposely select videos specifically towards your likings which makes you want to keep watching. It is standing at #1 in the app store and rated 4.7 stars and the destination app for video creators. A whopping 20% of the entire world is active on Tik Tok.


Is it too addicting? 

App analytics firm App Annie says, “Users on average watch over 24 hours of content per month.” That averages out to about 3 hours and 45 minutes of scrolling through Tik Tok throughout the day. That’s way over the recommended screen time for a teenager which is 2 hours. So, the question is, Is it addictive to an unhealthy extent? Many people argue it is unhealthy for mental health and screws up teenagers’ brains. Personally I use Tik Tok as a way to share fun videos and interact with friends online, I don’t see it being harmful in any way but I also don’t see it being very resourceful. 

Benefits of Tik Tok

Tik Tok was created to post videos to dance and sing along with your favorite music. It has definitely been successful in that area and helped people interact with one another and have fun. Tik Tok also enables everyone to be their own creator and to put out any sorts of fun videos. Tik Tok encourages people to be themselves and show passion through their videos and many people have found a way to be successful as a creator.