The Stigma of School Lunch


How do you feel about school lunch?

In many movies and TV shows, school lunch can often be depicted as gray, gooey, lumps of mush that students are very reluctant to eat. But that’s not the case in a lot of schools. 

Many schools have made the effort to give their students nourishing and tasty school lunches. Schools with higher budgets or student populations can often be seen to have mini restaurants in their school, such as Subway or Dominoes. Our school, unfortunately, does not have that.

Some students here at Hauppauge High School were asked what their own opinions about school lunch are. Hailey Wilcox, a student who eats school lunch, says “I think school lunch is very good and has a little bit of everything, there is a variety of fruits and vegetables and everything tastes home-cooked.” And she’s right, the food is always nice and hot (or cold) and served in great portions. 

We’ve also interviewed students who don’t eat the school lunch. Keira Choinski, a student who doesn’t buy lunch, says that “I don’t know, I’ve never really had it, but it looks good most of the time, the snacks are good too.” And she hit the jackpot on that one, the variety of cookies tend to be a favorite among the school body. 

Not only is the school lunch here at Hauppauge very good, but it’s also easily accessible. The main meals here are free, which is very considerate. You never know who can’t afford it or forgot their money. Many Hauppauge students are grateful for the advantages given to them by the school. 

So while school lunch can have a very bad reputation, it is still a necessity for many students around the world.