Should The School Dress Code Change?

Should The School Dress Code Change?

     The dress code is something many people have different views on. For the students in this school  the dress code can be absurd, especially for girls. When girls get dress-coded for wearing an off the shoulders shirt that creates a big problem because 3/5 people that have been interviewed said “how are shoulders distracting anyone?” In many schools the dress code is very strict, most people believe the dress code is sometimes absurd. The girls are the ones who mostly suffer. The dress code makes the girls feel like sexual objects just because of their clothing. Guys can wear tank tops but when a girl wears a tank top it’s viewed in a negative way. Why is that? Some people are neutral to it and some don’t see anything wrong with it 


Interview #1- Aislynn Mendez has much to say about the dress code. Aislynn had said “the dress code is very dumb why would shoulders be distracting in any way? That’s just a way to sexualize women. Women are allowed to wear whatever they want without having to feel like their body is distracting anyone in any type of way.”


Interview #2- May Hefetz actually said quite the opposite. May had said “I think that the dress code at Hauppauge is not that strict in the sense that they don’t really complain about anything other than hats and short pants but other schools have it worse. It does not really bother me in any way it may bother others but personally it has not impacted me throughout my highschool experience.”


Interview #3- Briana Bonilla was also not okay with the dress code Briana had said “ I think the dress code should change even though it’s not very strict, I don’t think it is fair. I have seen many boys wearing tank tops but i once got dress coded due to my tank top because they were spaghetti straps. And I just think that was very unfair towards me. Something similar has happened with girls wearing off the shoulder shirts like sorry my shoulders can disrupt your class time?”  


Interview #4- Danna Paredes was against the dress code. Danna’s thoughts were “ I have seen the dress code be absurd at times. I once saw a kid get dress-coded due to wearing a beanie. I thought that was pretty dumb because sometimes kids wear beanies or hoodies because theyre cold and thats a way to warm up or maybe he felt comfortable with it. The school wants their students to be a comfortable place in order to be able to learn. But how can people, especially girls be comfortable if they can’t even wear shirts showing off their shoulders because apparently that’s disruptive.”


Interview #5- David Benitez was neutral towards the dress code. David had said “ the dress code can be dramatic at times or so I’ve heard but I haven’t experienced anything with the dress code so I don’t really want to say the dress code is very strict because I wouldn’t personally know.”


After the interviews you get the gist. The majority of the people felt like the dress code should change, some were speaking due to personal experiences and some were sharing experiences they have seen other people go through. Hauppauge’s dress code may not be very strict but that doesn’t mean other students in other schools are suffering because of the unfair dress code.