Kickin’ it for Cancer: A Hauppauge Tradition

Kickin’ it for Cancer: A Hauppauge Tradition

Sofia Dessart, Writer

What is Kicks For Cancer

Kicks For Cancer is one of Hauppauge’s biggest fundraising events. The goal for Kicks for Cancer is to raise money for cancer research. This night is very special and full of entertainment. There are many food trucks, and different booths with things to buy, there are bouncy houses, and raffle tables and one of the biggest parts of Kicks for Cancer is the soccer games. Both the boys’ and girls’ varsity soccer teams play at Kicks for Cancer. The soccer teams get all dressed up in pink to support cancer awareness, they even play with a pink soccer ball.

How It Started 

Kicks for Cancer began in 2008 at Hauppauge High School, to support Courtney Tomkin, who was a junior that was diagnosed with brain cancer that spring. The goalie at that time for HGVS, Alexis Gonzalez, went to Coach Kulesa to ask if they could put something together to help Courtney and her family. Coach Kulesa had already had the idea of playing a soccer game. And at that moment Kicks for Cancer had been created.

Why It Is Significant 

Kicks for Cancer is important because it brings awareness and raises money for cancer research. Kicks for Cancer also gets many people to support and come together to create this event. This event is one of the biggest fundraisers that Hauppauge has, and the whole school helps contribute towards it. The soccer teams especially put in a lot of effort towards Kicks for Cancer by helping to fundraise, sell merchandise, decorate the school, participate in spirit week, and many other contributions. Kicks for Cancer is very important so that we can raise money for Cancer Research, and bring awareness to others. 

Coach Edison, the coach of the Hauppauge Boys Varsity Soccer team, says how Kicks for Cancer brings our school together to raise money for a very important cause. Emma, a current Hauppauge Girls Varsity Team, says that kicks for cancer is all about a game for raising money for a foundation


and to help for cancer. A player on the Hauppauge Boys Varsity Soccer team, says that Kicks for Cancer is all about playing with your friends and raising awareness for cancer. Coach Burkhard says that Kicks for Cancer to her is bringing the Hauppauge community together for a good cause.

I think that kicks for cancer are important because it helps raise money and brings a lot of awareness for cancer. Kicks for cancer helps raise money for a foundation all going towards cancer research. 

The Game

Kicks for Cancer is more than just a regular soccer game, it is filled with energy, spirit, competitiveness, and more. Both the Hauppauge Girls Varsity Soccer team and the Hauppauge Boys Varsity Soccer team challenged East Islip during this Kicks for Cancer event. The girls’ Varsity Soccer team had played a hard and competitive match with an end result of a tie. As far as the Hauppauge Boys Varsity soccer, they came through with a win. Their game was here on the Hauppauge High School turf, where all their supporters and local people came to cheer them on and support cancer awareness.

The Best Part of the Kicks for Cancer Event

The best part of kicks for cancer is different for everyone, here are some of the students’ and faculty’s opinions on this question. According to Coach Edson, one of the best and funniest parts of Kicks for Cancer is “The ridiculous haircuts the guys on the soccer team get and think looks good”. Emma says the best part of Kicks for Cancer is that everyone is watching for a great cause. A Hauppauge Boys Varsity Soccer player says the best part of Kicks for Cancer is being able to be there and play. Coach Burkhard said her favorite part of Kicks for Cancer is the game and seeing the girls play and their excitement level. I think that the best part about Kicks for Cancer is all the food trucks that volunteer to be there and the thought that all the people who go to K4C are there to support and raise money for cancer research. Kicks for Cancer is so much fun with all the soccer games, food trucks, stands, and it is all for a great cause.