Should Abortion be Outlawed?

Should Abortion be Outlawed?

Alisa Mendez, Author

            There were many mixed feelings about abortions when I asked different people’s points of view on the matter, leaving me with some very converse opinions of others. I wanted opinions to vary so I interviewed both genders male and female so I could get different views on the matter.

       To start I interviewed a fellow student Zion Zuleta, I started by asking if he finds abortion acceptable and he stated “Not I don’t agree with it it’s their kid they should be able to choose what they want to do with it.” I also asked him a common question that many people have different options on, if he thinks that abortion is murder? This is what he had to say about it “it is kinda–it is murder because it’s still a fetus and still haves cells.” Although what Mr.Zuleta said I asked him to put himself into someone else shoes; if a woman you’d been with and you got her pregnant would you support her getting an abortion? And he says as I quote ”if they want an abortion yes, but why would they and did you and the father come to a mutual agreement.” A reasonable idea ever in the future would be “I  would be open to the thought of my significant other ever in the future getting an abortion is if I’m not ready to have a kid and not financially stable.” See, Mr.Zuleta is not 100% for abortion but it should be available for those who have no other option so it should not be illegal.

      The man with all the solutions, meet James Ehl! I’ve ask very simarlier questions yet different to start off i wanted to know his opinion on abortion and you will be shocked to learn what he thinks, “I feel that abortion should be open to some people, like people who are raped and teens under 18,” which seemed a very reasonable opinion until he said: “it shouldn’t be for people that are just messing around. They should be on the pill and they should be able to have the responsibility. If they won’t be able to financially support a child they have a life ahead of them and I would support my significant other getting an abortion if we weren’t financially stable or she pocked holes in the condom. In a way I don’t support it because In some cases I think it’s murder and if I were to put myself in a girl’s shoes and I was irresponsible I feel like I wouldn’t keep a child cause I wouldn’t be stable or wouldn’t want to put that on my parents.” Now this statement is clearly a very different perspective from Mr. Zuelta’s. I feel it’s better to get a take of different opinions I don’t agree nor disagree with what he says.

         With that being said I allowed myself to get a girl’s opinion on abortion, so I asked Ava Kronrad, and she said “I think you should be allowed to get an abortion if you can’t financially support the baby, and if you were to do it you should do it as soon as you can cause it’s like taking life. I think it should be available to poor people and teens. If I were put in that situation, which I wouldn’t be stupid enough to get myself knocked up, but if I were pregnant I would get an abortion. If I can’t afford it and if I had to then I would. I also I think it should be legal everywhere, I think in some ways it’s murder if the baby is 6 or 7 months because it’s developing.” She also said, “I would not look down on people who get abortions, and would only get an abortion if it’s necessary for the situation”.

         To continue with the interview I got another guy’s opinion, Anthony Waldner. Mr. Waldner does think that abortion should be legal everywhere and the reason is “I think it shouldn’t be because the baby doesn’t know( the fetus wouldn’t know of it) and it won’t live to know. It’s not even a person yet so, I think that it doesn’t matter nor do I think it’s murder because it doesn’t affect me in any way.”  I asked him if he had to switch lives and put himself into a girl’s shoes what would he do “if I got pregnant I wouldn’t keep it cause I am not financially stable. I wouldn’t judge women who get abortions because sometimes it’s an accident. Also, a reason why I support abortion is that I think that’s people that there are too many kids in orphan centers and no kid doesn’t want to be without family” now this interview was a bit blunt but everyone has different opinions.

       Lastly, our final person Gabe Diaz now again had asked almost the same questions to start if he thinks abortion should be legal, he said “yeah it should be legal cause girls have a right to say in giving labor and what happens when u get them u have to birth them.” But does he think that it’s murder? To what extent exactly should it be legal? “If it dies it’s kinda illegal Though the baby hasn’t been born yet so it can’t be murder if it’s not alive yet. I support abortion 100% and if the roles were reversed I say that people should care about what others do because it’s not happening to them” and that’s one hundred percent right Mr.Diaz.

      Now that all interviews have been taken I would like to state that abortion should 100% be open to all because no matter what people deserve second chances and if they messed up they should be able to choose their own.