The Return of Scratchboard Magazine


Stevie D. Rosenfeld, Author

     A long-standing haven for creative writers in Hauppauge, Scratchboard Magazine returns in 2021! With meetings every other Thursday in room 306, Scratchboard will host young writers, artists, photographers, designers, and any other kind of creative mind to be found in Hauppauge. Returning from a year-long hiatus due to Covid-19, Scratchboard will publish 2 copies this school year through BookCreator. With new access to iPad Pros, the poetry and fiction-centered magazine has plenty of room for digital artists and graphic designers. All students are welcome, even if they do not want to submit work for publication. Work can simply be submitted for peer review, which will be a major part of the work done in Scratchboard. Club advisor, Ms. Lang, says “It’s gonna be really student-centered, students will all have a chance to get their hands on the final project.” The return of this magazine is truly a great sign of the school’s recovery from the coronavirus and a symbol of our appreciation for the arts. Ms. Lang positively notes that Scratchboard “was a staple here within the Hauppauge community and I am trying to reinvigorate it and bring it into the 21st century”