Border Control


Alisa Mendez, Writer

Families around the world are being split up by this very second, this is because some people illegally enter the country, some have committed some serious crimes and for others their visa time is overdue. People who come to the United States in hopes of having the mighty American dream are now being crushed down. With the 19.1% of immigrants living in the united states, u.s wants to crack down on each and every one of them.

On the border of texas thousands of Haitian immerges have shown up causing hectic for the Homeland Security Department, they’ve dealt with these immigrants from Del Rio to El Paso, Laredo, and the Rio Grande Valley straight to the Texas border. The troubles did not only start there in Haiti on July 7th, 2021 but Jovenel Moïse had also got assassinated at 1 a.m this had caused a lot of people to be in worry and just want a way out, a place where they don’t have to live in worry and fear, so their only other opinion would be to leave their country and try and become legal in American.” thousands of migrants, mostly from Haiti, had arrived at the makeshift camp after crossing the southern border seeking asylum”. the thousands of people didn’t come at the citation the right way firstly the people of Haiti had gone and traveled from Mexico and caused issues there then they showed up at the border of texas being called inhumane by the government, but even with this much criticism, the Homeland Security Department had stepped in.

In texas and del Rio, there were camps set up for immigrants(mostly from Haiti ) now this is the only good thing that the government has done so far because they are indeed treating these people in unspeakable manners, with the names calling of inhumane to the very slow paste of even trying to help, a lot of comments have been made of how bad Biden is handling everything. “The Biden administration is in complete disarray and is handling the border crisis as badly as the evacuation from Afghanistan,” he said, referring to President Biden’s decision to end America’s longest war”(The New York Times). Homeland security wants to send mostly all of the people back to their country without even a chance to even try for a visa then there are the people that are getting help, but it’s at a very slow rate.

Although you can help everyone there is still a chance of trying “We can’t help that many people,” Ms. Burrow said, “The city is not going to sustain all these people. The city under the bridge could become bigger than Del Rio.” With this in the last few weeks there have been 14,534 migrants camped at the river waiting with hope to be seen by the border patrol they did everything that they could to stay there as long as possible by washing in the river, sleeping in it, and drinking from it which all stayed controlled no one had caused any problems the immigrants just want a second chance.