Deaf Woman Says She Was Denied Service at Dunkin Donuts

Deaf Woman Says She Was Denied Service at Dunkin Donuts

Sofia Dessart, Writer

The Report

Shannon Heroux posted a Tik Tok video saying how Dunkin Donuts refused to take her order because she is deaf and was unable to communicate with workers. She said, “A little while ago I got refused service at a Dunkin Donuts, cause I’m deaf.” Her Tik Tok video went viral and is now bringing awareness to people who are deaf and or hard of hearing.

Heroux said “I didn’t know how to process it. I was confused. I couldn’t hear anything.” She said that she wears a cochlear implant, but that she was not wearing it then. She was saying how when she called the worker over, she told her she was deaf, and that she has to read lips. She said, “The manager came over, and I could just tell by his body language that he was going off”.

The Outcome

In Shannon’s Tik Tok video, you could tell by her body language that she was upset. She explained in the video how the manager refused to take her order because she could not hear them. She wanted the manager to pull his mask down, so she could read his lips, but she said he did not. In the video, she states that they were separated by Plexiglas to the side and that they were six feet apart, she also said she had her mask on. Because of this she did not get her order taken and had left Dunkin Donuts. She then made her video. Later she asked Dunkin Donuts to apologize, and she shared that she had been in contact with that franchise’s headquarters. 

In her third clip, she says how corporate reached out to her and said “they are giving me an update by Friday” she also said “the general manager wants me to go in to get my apology and take care of my order” She felt that wasn’t enough and said that was the reason she first reached out to corporate.

She thanked everyone for their support and all of the positive comments that she got. She was saying how she was happy that her video reached many people, and that she was glad awareness was being spread. 

The Effects on Society

She made this Tik Tok video, to express her feelings and to bring awareness to people who are deaf and or hard of hearing. She wanted to show what the hardships are and how they can be extremely difficult. Due to this situation, society has had so much to say, from comments right attached to her Tik Tok to posting, and even writing articles. This event has gotten society to stand up and stick up during moments like these. Many have been extremely supportive of this situation and supporting Shannon Heroux and any others who are deaf or hard of hearing. 

Shannon Heroux has made a big impact on society and has caused more people to understand the importance of awareness for those who are deaf or hard of hearing. She has brought the topic of being deaf to a whole new perspective for many and has changed many people’s points of view. Shannon Heroux has helped society understand why to care about those who are deaf or hard of hearing.   

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