Afghanistan Right Now


Victoria Sordi, Writer

        The United States has been at war with Afghanistan for 20 years. The United States has completed its withdrawal from Afghanistan, finishing America’s longest war and the final stage in military history likely to be recalled for  disappointments, unfulfilled guarantees and a unhinged final exit that taken a toll of the lives of more than 180 Afghans and 13 U.S. benefit individuals, a few scarcely more seasoned than the war.

        President Biden sent American soldiers to Afghanistan. The American soldiers were there to help the Afghanistan government with democracy and to help their troops. The government collapsed and had the people of Afghanistan fleeing for help. 180 Afghanistan people and 13 United States soldiers were killed by the Taliban who came to rule again. Biden has made all these promises to the American people that have ended up empty. The American people are mad because our soldiers weren’t there to fight, that wasn’t their purpose, but we were leaving such a horrible and dangerous country that we left around 150 US soldiers behind. In reality the US soldiers should have never been there unless it’s to fight. There are way too many terrorist groups who are training there making Afghanistan dangerous. The terrorist groups have no mercy and had a suicide bomber come in and kill 13 of our own. With the efforts of the United States there has been little success in ending. And Biden is realizing this now that he has doubts about his original plan. There was such chaos that Afghan people were clinging onto the aircraft that the United States were leaving. They will do anything to leave their own county. The dangers of carrying out such a mission came into tragic focus last week when the suicide bomber struck outside an airport gate. Biden just wanted to be different from Trump and put the soldiers back to Afghanistan when Trump wanted to keep them out of there. Biden pulled them out because the Taliban took over the Afghan government. All of our troops had to leave in order to stay safe. The troops left in such a hurry that they left 200 of our troops behind. 

        As the United States was trying to make their escape, Afghan citizens were trying to make theirs. The Afghan people knew that when the Taliban terrorist group took over their government that this would not end well and knew this would be their version of hell. The Afghan people tried grabbing on to the troop’s plane for dear life. Our troops left in such a rush we left troops behind to help the Afghanistan government fight the Taliban and get their government back. 

        The exceptional victory of this mission was due to the unimaginable expertise, bravery, and sacrificial strength of the United States military and our diplomats and insights experts. Most deplorably, we see it within the stunning and staggering measurement that ought to allow a stop to anybody who considers war can ever be low-grade, low-risk, or a low-cost. 18 veterans, on normal, who pass on by suicide each single day in America off put. Grateful for the veterans that are rejoined with their families and sending my greatest apologies for the families that lost loved ones.