Getting Through Hectic Babysitting

Getting Through Hectic Babysitting

Alisa Mendez, Author

          Most people, male or female, have to go through dreadful nights of babysitting which in any case can be an extremely hard task requiring so much skill and effort. For those that are experienced and those that are not, it’s always hard. The circumstance doesn’t get any better if you have to look over multiple children at the same time it could be torture because they could be insolent towards whoever is looking over them and might even try to gang up on the babysitter. However, there is no need to worry, there are step-by-step directions to take control for helping babysitters make it through the time, if followed carefully everything should go as smooth as butter.

                Babysitting starts hours before you have to even have to interact with the child(ren). So firstly the babysitter must be prepared for the challenging task that will be faced, it’s a good idea to gather a bag of  “survival” equipment. Make sure that everything is age-appropriate and could be distractions for the little trouble makers is a must. Things like games and activities are heavily advised; things like coloring books, cooking recipes, board games, and child-appropriate movies. Video Games are helpful for keeping kids attention and almost always work. It’s better to keep the child(ren) occupied for an acceptable amount of time, make sure that one is taking into account that the moderate range of a young child’s attention span varies. Often, you have about three seconds before boredom hits. Also, the babysitter should bring a few items for themselves for their own boredom. Once they have gathered their “survival” gadgets have been gathered, the babysitter is ready to start.

                    When sitting at the parent’s house, the babysitter should always arrive on time and try to be mature and be as professional as possible so that they can ensure that they will not let the children burn down the house or cause any type of damage. Secondly, the sitter should be acting as an adult but in a fun and loving way around the child’s parents. The babysitter should be as calm as can be and should try to entertai the child(ren) quickly. If the sitter brings materialistic items like the newest toys released, that family may not have yet, this is likely to win their trust. 

            Meanwhile, when the child(ren) are all calmed down and are busy with their first activity, the babysitter should take a little break to calm down and have a breather, but make sure to always keep an eye on the kids. However, they shouldn’t just get too comfortable with the satisfaction that the child(ren) is busy because at any time they can decide that they are bored and that’s not good for the babysitter. A babysitter should always be prepared for this, so that’s where the good old mighty survival bag comes in handy. Luckily, there should be at least two different choices of games or entertainment ready to be used at all times. The Cycle of the kids being completely occupied completely bored will keep revolving. No matter how fun it is, the child(ren) will be bored at some point. Also, make sure that the activity keeps the child(ren) awake for as long as possible. The babysitter should also always be prepared to do anything no matter how embarrassing, like playing kid games like cat and dog to peek a boo to having to dress up as a princess. On the other hand, the gaming system is the kids’ comfort and they will be on it for hours so the babysitter should not be offended if their survival bag does not appeal to the children. Most children are different from one another and have different interests. Once a babysitter has survived the vile and cruel Boredom Cycle it is finally time for bed, so they should uphold the authority from the parents and the sitter should find ways to keep the children entertained, bathed, and brush their teeth.

                     Finally, when the children are in bed safely and suitably calmed down for the night the sitter should tell a story or two, the babysitter should leave the bedroom and start to clean up the mess that was likely created by the child(ren). Then the babysitter should be quiet until the parents get back so it would be less likely to wake up the children after a hard day. A suggestion to remain quiet is reading a book or watching television quietly. When the parents get home, the sitter should tell the parents how the kids behaved and what they did all day with the children if there were arts and crafts done to show the parents the masterpiece, then receive the earnings, and then just politely leave. Once the sitter is outside they breathe a sigh of relief and finally let his or her guard down.