Pathway to Getting A’s

Pathway to Getting As

Sofia Dessart, Writer

Pathway to Getting A’s


Studying is one thing that comes in handy when needing to pass a test, take a quiz, master something, etc. But studying can be impractical if not done in the right way. There isn’t one right way to study, but there are ways to become more efficient. There are three main parts to studying and if you get those down, you’re on the road to success. 


  • Organization – (Get a planner, notebook, calendar…)
  • Focus – (Pay attention in class, take notes, try not to get sidetracked)
  • Time – (Set times aside to study)



Organization is key to the success of studying, make sure you have a planner/notebook so that you can jot down important information and use that to go back and study. When keeping organized, color coding things is very useful. Color Coding can help you stay neat so you are not overloaded with papers. Using post-it notes, highlighters, and pens, can be a great way to color code. 


Focusing is one of the most important parts of studying. Paying attention is one of the best and most effective ways to take notes. Being present when studying is important because you take in the information. When you focus it helps you not get sidetracked, and helps with good reasoning and problem solving.

Putting time and effort into your studying is very important. Setting dates and times to study can help you stay organized and less stressed. The key to time management is to set goals and reminders for yourself, and stick to them. Studying takes time and you can’t rush it, so making a plan or a calendar can be very useful. 


Everyone has their own way of studying, not everyone will study in the same ways, but the base of studying comes from some of the same three parts, Organization, Focus, and Time. Of course there are many other types of parts to studying like different methods, and references, etc. But all of those parts come together to form one goal and that is to become stronger and have better/more confidence in what you were studying. So to become more productive out of your studying, make sure to take into consideration these three things, be organized, stay focused, and manage your time.