Life During a Pandemic


May Hefetz, Writer

Online school during a pandemic and effect of the pandemic .Kids teens across the word have been faced with lots of different problems one was online school. As a teen who has faced this issue it was hard at  first because I was not focused and was not motivated to anything. As time went on I have learned how to do better.

      As a 16 year old girl at the time we were all unsure what to do and were all new to having online school. Back in April of 2019 ,kids across the country were told to have online classes. Teachers were unsure how to work things out and  some students were not even attending online classes. Whether it was because not having any technology or just not wanting to join. During this deficit time many people were struggling with mental health and being disconnected with social life. As one of the people I have learned and took time to focus on myself so I try to attend my class and then do any homework. A typical day for me during this time was school for maybe an hour or two working out eating breakfast and spending time with family. There was really not much to do because everything was closed . Going to get groceries was the one thing that we were able to do .When going into a store we had to wear masks and gloves to be protected from the virus. One entering the store it kinda felt like a movie, people scrambling to find toilet  paper, Lysol spray and disinfectant wipes and the necessities which were barely any in store due to a lot of people buying them. Everyone at that point was stuck in their homes cooking and baking which left eggs, flour and even water to a limit to each person. Many people to this day fear that it will happen again.

       As days ,weeks have gone by it has already been June and we are heading to slowly reopen things up but not one hundred percent . We were able to go to places but needed to wear masks and be socially distant. As a person with asthma it was really hard for me because I was not used to wearing masks for long periods of time other than going to buy food for maybe 30 mins. I was kind of happy that things were slowly back to normal. Being able to see friends and other family

members was the best feeling, not being home 24/7. There was still a lock down such as shopping and gyms ,movie theaters were not open. So My family and I would go on a daily walk to the beach  which was my favorite thing during this time and enjoy the beautiful scenery and fresh air .I would also come home and work a little on myself by fixing my room or baking or even walking my dog or even working out . The pandemic has really taught me how to be more independent and to see who really cares about you during those times

      As of present day school business and shops have opened up but are still asking to maintain social distancing guidelines and have different mandatory rules .This whole pandemic has really changed the way I think about life and to never take advantage of anything because you never know when you will be able to see that person or do something you like  and if it the last.