Daily Struggles with Anxiety

Daily Struggles with Anxiety

Victoria Sordi, Writer

        Anxiety is an everyday struggle that 18.1% of the United States population faces every year. Anxiety is an important topic to talk about, because teenagers have a higher level of anxiety than adults. In the school’s newspaper, this is the place to target the main group of people that are affected by this mental illness. Many teenagers have anxiety, and do not know how to handle themselves. How does one manage anxiety? Anxiety presents differently in all people. Everyone knows how it feels to be anxious. From your teacher mad that you have missing assignments to having too many things on your plate to do and you get stressed out. One thing my mom always told me is that it’s okay to say no to people when they expect too much from you. No one can do everything.

          Here are some tips to not let anxiety weigh you down from everyday things. You are your worst enemy, the only thing telling you that you can not accomplish, is yourself. Teenagers will deal with anxiety differently than adults. Teenagers have different problems that are stressing them out. Teenagers often turn to drugs, alcohol, or sex. They may think this is working for them, but that way is only going to cause more problems which will in return give you more to be anxious about. Instead to relax try listening to music, sleeping, deep breathing exercises, tai chi, yoga, reading a book, drawing, or writing. For instance, when deep breathing it can help release a major nerve that streams from the diaphragm to the brain. This sends a message to the entire body to just let go and feel the relief. A teenagers mental health relays on  their physical health. When getting enough sleep, nourish, and exercising it create feeling of peace and strength that can handle life’s ups and downs. Sometimes the most common mistake is when getting more sleep, people think more sleep is the answer. There is such a thing as too much sleep, too much and too little can both give you the sense of over tried. Everyone in American relays on their daily coffee. Coffee is a diuretic which can make a person get a sense of run down from the lack a nutrients A diuretic a strip your body from all it’s hydration which can make you feel light headed and you need to drink more water than the normal amount for the day. 

        Spending time with family and friends can help you connect with others and find out that you are not alone. And most likely at least the majority of your friends or family has faced anxiety at some point in their life. Anxiety is one of the most fast growing mental illnesses. You can speak to a loved one and they can give you wise advice that they have found helpful. When you do an activity with the people you love it can threaten the bond and make a deeper connection. It allows you to feel secure that you aren’t alone in this battle with anxiety and yes, it is a battle because anxiety can eat a person alive. When you are also with your family and friends you feel happier and you can forget the worries that you have that are stressing you out. When connecting with nature you can look at the beauty of the world and see what the world has to offer. You can by sitting in a park, going for a walk, going for a hike, biking, or even camping with your friends. Therefore, you have your friends and nature to keep you from thinking about all the problems that make you anxious. Many people with anxiety pay attention to all the problems, all the bad.  If you focus on the light, you can never let the darkness in. It is a lot easier said than done to focus on the positive than the negative. But, once you see the light at the end of the tunnel, you will find your way out. 

        Uneasiness is an vital theme to conversation around, since youngsters have a better level of uneasiness than adults. Within the school’s daily paper, typically the put to target the most gather of individuals that are influenced by this mental ailment. Numerous youngsters have