Time Lies Within Us


The past lingers behind,

follows you around like it’s a lost puppy,

slinking along just loud enough 

to be a constant reminder that it’s there.

When, where, who, what, why,

they’re all questions to the answers of our past

that help us understand who we are.


The future lurks ahead,

tapping its foot in a quiet but consistent manner

so that it never fails to be an ever-present thought in your mind.

The same when, where, who, what, and why are still there,

only now they are not the answers, but the questions, 

the thoughts that consume our minds 

on who we will become and what our future holds.


The past shapes us,

our experiences, knowledge, thoughts, actions, memories,

all combine to create the person you are today.

Failures and successes and all the inbetweens, 

whether or not you let them define you,

meld together to make you “you.”


The future motivates us,

our dreams and aspirations melding into

our wishes for our future selves.

It drives us to achieve goals and climb the rungs

of whatever ladder will lead us to our personal success.


But we are more than just a conglomeration of our past and future.

What happened before and what lies beyond are not all there is to us.

Since there is also a now, the present.

The when, where, who, what, and why

of everything happening this day, 

this hour, 

this minute, 

this second.

Our past and our future mold us into who we are,

but we rarely stop to think about who that “we” is.

It’s us now, us living in this very moment.

Not yesterday or tomorrow, 

not last week or a year from now,

but today.

The past creates us, the future inspires us,

but it is the present that allows us to be.

With that in mind, enjoy every second,

make every moment worthwhile,

and remember that the present is most important.

As cliche as it may sound, 

the past is unchangeable, and the future is unpredictable,

but the present is fully in your hands.

Make sure you do something with it.