How to Succeed in High School

How to Succeed in High School

Stevie D. Rosenfeld, Editor

There really is no one correct high school experience despite what TV might show you. If that was the case there would be a “How to Succeed in High School for Dummies” book in every middle school library. Although everyone goes down a different path, there are still “rules” out there to keep you sane during high school. Hopefully, long enough until it is time to graduate. 

Rule #1 to succeed in High School is staying alert. This goes for friendships and schoolwork. Everyone knows that each year of High School you might lose a few friends up until Senior year when you have your final friends. Staying alert and paying attention to how people treat you and watching for signs of untrustworthy behavior will save you a lot of heartbreak. Staying alert in class and paying attention to due dates and writing down all of the notes will help you pass, leaving you with less stress and more time to hang out with your friends. 

Rule #2 to succeed in High School is, and I cannot stress this enough, do not put off your work until the last minute. I know I personally have no right to judge, but take it from someone with experience. Freshman to Junior year I would always procrastinate my school work and until the end of the quarter. By then I would be so stressed and my teachers would be completely sick of me. Don’t be lazy, just be considerate to yourself and your teachers and turn work in once it’s due. 

Rule #3 to succeed in High School is to be yourself. Everyone wastes so much time pretending to be something they’re not. You don’t have to dress a certain way or talk a certain way just to get people to like you. If they won’t like you for who you genuinely are then why would you allow them to waste your time? One day, when everyone is older, we’ll all see how much time we wasted feeling pressured to do things that made us more “likable” when we could’ve just thrown away the cliquey attitudes and enjoyed our time together all four years of high school.

 Rule #4 to succeed in High School is to not fold under pressure. This rule is probably the hardest one to follow. Teenagers are still so young, whether they believe it or not, and one wrong decision could ruin everything that you had going for you. This might sound cliche, but say no to drugs, if someone is making advances that make you feel uncomfortable don’t be afraid to tell someone, don’t let your peers encourage you to start a fight or disrespect your teacher. At the end of the day, you have to be responsible and prepared for the consequences of your actions. 

Rule #5 to succeed in High School is to enjoy every day. This one isn’t necessarily a rule, but, more so a suggestion. Learn from my mistake and believe everyone when they say these four years fly by. One day you’re a freshman and the next thing you know you are writing a senior article on your high school experience. High School can be boring, it can be stressful, it can be annoying, but it will always be memorable. All of the classmates, teammates, and teachers you met over the years will be a part of a memory you keep forever. High School can be tough but make the best of it and follow the rules. No matter what happens, one day you will look back and wish you could do it all over again.


Christina Fulmer – Author