End of Year Goodbye

End of Year Goodbye

Hauppauge High School has helped me become the person I am today. I have had many good experiences in Hauppauge High School, and many good teachers. My teachers have really shaped me to be not just a better student but a better person. Many of the teachers that I have had in high school have had more than one time different years and for more than one class and they were able to watch me grow and help me through high school. 

One of the most important teachers that I have had that has impacted the past 4 years of high school is Mrs. Richard. She had me in 10th grade for 2 classes that year. She pushed me to do better, work harder, and to be the best student and person I could be. She came in early and stayed after school to help me succeed. She had no idea how important this was to me, I have a learning disability and it is difficult to find a teacher that I can trust and that trusts me. One who won’t give up on me, but instead will push me to do better. She has given up so much of her free time to help me. She has also impacted me by building a trust with her like no other. I can go to her if I need help with anything even if it’s not related to school, if I just need to talk to someone she is my go to. She may not be my teacher anymore, but I still go and talk with her during my free period whenever I get the chance. 

Mrs. Donnelly has also impacted me in High School. Mrs. Donnelly was my teacher from sophomore to senior year. She has seen me grow and change into a better student. She was another teacher that never gave up on me. She pushed me to do better and if I needed help she would be there for me through it all. She has helped me with English for 3 out of my 4 years of High School. Because of my learning disability, English is one of the hardest subjects for me, but she always made it fun. I am always excited to go into her class and learn because she makes me want to try harder and to pushes me to do better. She has helped me with school but she was always a great teacher to go to for advice. I have built trust and a bond with her and she has watched me progress and grow up to be the person I am now. She has helped me with friends and drama that has happened outside the classroom and has made me feel better. She was a good person to just go and talk to. As a teen your parents may not fully understand you, but Mrs. Donnelly was the one who listened and would help me through situations. 

High school has a big impact on kids. These are the years you are really going to remember forever and look back on your teacher and think of how they helped you and you will always remember the ones that stood by you and never gave up. All my teachers have been great throughout High School, but some stick out more than others and these are the teachers you will never forget.


Emma Mejia – Author