Succeeding in High School


Michele Romito, Editor

Succeeding in High School can be a difficult task that many have a lot of stress over. High school grades can be very important to many people, especially those looking to get into a good college, or even a scholarship. Being in senior year, I have talked to many people who have made it through high school up to this point and who are on their way into great schools. Sometimes forcing yourself to do school work can be a difficult task for many individuals, including myself. However, if you manage your time correctly, and give yourself the needed time on your schedule to do your work, it will be very manageable. One thing that can hurt your grades a lot is letting homework pile up. This can be dangerous for you, as it makes everything much harder to manage, catch up, and you may get points taken off for handing something in late, depending on your teacher. Schedule time for yourself to sit down and do your work on a daily basis and you will not have this problem. Having friends in classes with you is a great way to help you succeed, as you can help each other when needed, and give each other support.

I could not have gotten to where I am today without having friends who are able to give me the support that was needed in order to succeed. Another tip I would give somebody coming in or already in high school would be to communicate with your teachers and speak up when you have a problem or need any help. This is something that many people and myself struggle to do sometimes. Extra help is also available when you need it to help give you a boost and review difficult subjects. Having somebody to talk to is also great for helping you achieve your goals in school, such as a guidance counselor, or in my case the social worker. They are there to help you with any sort of troubles you may encounter throughout your high school career and will resolve any issues that you may be having with anything, from grades to problems with students or sometimes even teachers. It is always a great thing to have support from somebody who will listen to your concerns. Stress will always be around throughout the school year, and it is up to you to manage it. Sometimes finding ways to cope can help a ton. For me, I was able to achieve this through staying healthy, going to the gym, playing sports, talking to others, and getting the support I needed. Unhealthy coping mechanisms will only make things worse for yourself. To succeed in high school, you need to have healthy habits for yourself. Things will always seem harder than they actually are, you just need to push yourself and start somewhere and once you get going, you will get through just about anything with a breeze. And when you struggle, talk to those around you and your teachers to help get through it and you will be able to achieve anything.


Daniel Wellisch – Author