Coraline: Themes and Sybolism


The movie Coraline is loved by many people and throughout this movie, there are many themes and objects which symbolize other things present. Throughout the movie, it is clear that the main point of focus is the other mother and Coraline trying to obtain the key. The key represents freedom and power. The key gives them the ability to go between the two worlds. The other mother takes in Coraline as her victim and is trying to take her soul as she has done with others. If the other mother could obtain the key from Coraline, she would have the full ability to go between worlds and find others to make her victims.

The other mother continuously tries to get Coraline to replace her eyes with buttons. In the real world, you can see other’s eyes but in the other world, everyone has buttons for eyes, even the ghost children.  By replacing her eyes Coraline would be trapped in this world and her soul would be stolen. In this movie, the Buttons represent complete control and the lack of compassion or emotion. When she is presented with the idea of replacing her eyes with buttons she begins to realize that in the world of buttons they are used to hide any emotions one is trying to show and she remembers how she enjoys what she has at home and she loves the emotion her real eyes present for her. 

This movie presents the theme of appreciating what you have and fighting for who you truly care about. When Coraline first went to the other world she began to enjoy it a lot and would go home and boast to her real parents about what had happened in the other world. Originally at her real home, she had felt neglected by her real parents but she had realized that she should appreciate what she has. She realizes that the world of buttons is not one she would thoroughly enjoy. This movie also shows how Coraline had learned to become determined to get what she truly wanted and deserved. She fought very hard and risked her life for the key to help the people she genuinely cares about. By the end of the movie, Coraline is able to overcome the other mother which helps to save her parents and the trapped souls of the children.