Should the government mandate vaccines?


Should the government be able to mandate the vaccine? That is a common question asked among people. Personally, I believe they should not be mandated. I think that it should be mandated to have the vaccine to do certain things. I think that it should be mandated for people to have the vaccine if they are traveling outside of the country. Doing that would be beneficial for both countries because it’d be harder to bring cases between countries. If you get the vaccine there should be things you’re more able to do with no mask. I know recently it was put out that if you are fully vaccinated you don’t need to wear a mask in public areas but I believe many people are going against that and wearing no mask even if they are not vaccinated. I think that if that is applied in stores then there should be a person at the entrance to check vaccination cards. In public areas, it is more difficult for people to check if someone is vaccinated but I still think there should be an effort made to have checking happen. 

Personally, I think that the vaccine is something that others should make an effort to get. I have both doses and I feel it is beneficial to me because I have asthma and if I got covid it could affect my lungs. I understand some people don’t want it for medical reasons so if the government completely mandated it then it could be bad for some people. I have also heard people say that they don’t trust the vaccine or what’s inside of it but I think of it as just a regular vaccine like the flu shot or the chickenpox vaccine. If someone won’t take the vaccine because they don’t trust what is inside it, I’d like to ask them if they know exactly what’s in every medicine they take or every food they eat. I guarantee the answer to that question would be no. I recommend people get vaccinated! Help to get the country back to normal and help to protect both yourself and others!