World News: Update on NY Restrictions


Michele Romito, Author

Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, many restrictions have been created in New York State to limit the spread and keep everyone as safe as possible. Many limitations have been lifted or at least changed in a way so it isn’t as strict as it was when New York first got locked down. 

Public gatherings, indoor and outdoor, are recommended to be no more than 10 people. However major events, such as weddings, sweet sixteens, etc, or anything that is done at a venue people need to get a positive PCR Covid test a few days before the event and quarantine inside your house until the event happens. Bars, restaurants (and any state liquor authority-licensed establishment), and gyms  must be closed to guests from 11:00 PM- 5:00 AM and any equipment used in any of these places must be sanitized before and after the use of any guest. Masks are still to be worn when in public areas or within 6 feet of distance from another person. Any business is able to deny service to anyone not wearing a face mask. Movie theaters recently reopened with a 25% maximum capacity with no more than 50 people

allowed in each movie. They also can only be opened outside of New York City where Covid rates are less than 2% on a 14-day average. Graduations are required to be an outdoor socially distanced event with groups of 150 people at a time. Colleges are open but some only hold complete virtual classes and some schools have half in-person classed and half online classes. All school sports are still available but players, coaches, and visitors must be wearing a face mask, only 2 people allowed to come watch for each player, and Covid tests are to be done each week. Travel sports teams are the same except for getting tested every week. Also, sports have been reopened to fans with a limited amount of people in each stadium. All medical services are open and available to all making sure that patients are socially distancing and temperatures are taken before entry. Travelling is only recommended unless absolutely necessary but it is still open. People must wear their masks on flights at all times unless eating or drinking. And lastly, all entertainment places that are outdoor, such as golf courses, beaches, etc. are open as normally where face masks do not have to be worn but social distancing from other people/ groups is recommended.