Meghan and Harry interview: Overview and Opinion



Recently there have been issues with the royal family, and Prince Harry’s baby with Meghan. Harry and Meghan had an interview with Oprah and revealed some things about their child. Meghan is the first mixed-member of the royal family and had said Harry had been asked by a member of the royal family “how dark” the skin of the child would be. They had said it was not the Queen nor Duke. Meghan had been at a very low point in her life. Being with the royal family had been very damaging for her mental health. According to the BBC article on the interview, there were points where she did not want to be alive. People have stated that the racism and lack of mental health support within the royal family should be taken very seriously.

Some of the public had thought that they were being treated fairly, I however completely disagree. I believe that it should not matter what color the child’s skin is, no matter what they look like it should be treated as every other child should. The palace is very oddly concerned with this. The racism throughout the royal family needs to stop.