What’s The Deal With Kids Being Left on Islands?


 During my sophomore year AP Language and Composition class, we read various literary works throughout the year. Still, there is one book that stands out to me. Lord of the Flies by William Golding is a novel about how a group of boys get stranded on an island and develop their own rules to live by without any adult supervision. The mental limitations caused by being on a deserted island by themselves, trying to figure out how to live by themselves, also cause them to lose their minds differently. By the end of the book, the boys had turned over a completely new leaf, a violent one. This is a shared theme with the Netflix show, The 100, although the one-hundred teenagers were left by themselves on Earth and the Lord of Flies kids were abandoned on an island. By nature, humans are fierce hunters and gatherers because those are the roots our modern civilizations have evolved from overtime. It’s basically like a default setting for our brains. Right now, we might be in the most peaceful period in history in terms of physical injuries. We’ve had various significant wars in the past, which scientists say have resulted in one hundred and fifty million to one billion deaths to date. War is not the only violent aspect that can cause violent deaths. Still, the numbers significantly get the idea across; the notable role violence has played in deaths throughout our world history.


 In both of the plots, the teenagers/kids do turn to violent depths after being lost. Further, into The 100, they eventually break off the bracelets that monitor their vitals to make the adults that sent them down from the space station believe they were dead. Once this happens, The Ark(what they call the space station where they have lived out the years since the end of the world) loses all contact with the teenagers. The 100 are now on their own without adult supervision, just like the kids on the island.


 Without authority, both of these groups turned to aggressive, hostile lengths. The idea that people’s world/groups will perish without charge or a higher power is a common theme in many science fiction works. The teenagers did not go to as great lengths as the children on the island did, but only having to rely on each other will eventually pit them against each other, just like a family that has been living together for an extended period. Sometimes, one might have a good relationship with their siblings, and another day they could be at each other’s throats. They had no leadership figures, so they had to figure things out together, such as how to keep living, food, etc., which commonly led to disputes among the groups.