Avery Marchese


Avery Marchese, Writer

Hello! I am Avery Marchese, a junior at Hauppauge, and I am 16 years old. I wrote a few articles last year for the newspaper and I am excited to work on more this upcoming school year! I wanted to become a staff member because I love to write and create my own stories. I also like giving my own opinions and reviews on certain topics, like music and sports. I am eager to do interviews around the school and in the community for my upcoming articles. Aside from my passion for writing, I love to play Lacrosse! I play on a club team and for the school. I also partake in Cross country and winter track during the school year as well.  If you have any inquiries about either wanting to be in a story or have help publishing a story of your own, contact me at [email protected] !☺