Olivia Chen


Olivia Chen, Author

I am Olivia Chen. I am 17 years old and going to be turning 18 in September. I am excited to be a senior this year and this is my first year working with the newspaper as a writer. I wanted to become a staff member of The Soaring Eagle because I felt that it would be a great experience as a senior since I enjoy writing a lot during my free time and felt that it would be a great elective to add to my schedule. I am excited to write about animals this year since veterinary science is my main career path that I hope to continue and fulfill after high school. I have a very profound passion and interest in studying animals, volunteering at animal shelters in my community and at the cat cafe to improve the life quality of the animals and give people a positive outlook on having pets. My other hobbies and passions include arts and crafts as well as culinary arts. I enjoy drawing and creating paper quillings of different animals. I also enjoy making treats and cooking delicious meals for my pets as well as donating them to animal shelters/rescues. I find joy in making things that represent my interest in animals.